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-v0r- Officially Dead along with me Empty -v0r- Officially Dead along with me

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Through many weeks the clan lived and fought under my leadership. From that, the clan almost met success. However, with the fall of many players wearing the v0r tag the clan simply got swept away. However, even with their departure we held a roster of 8. Only one thing stopped me from continuing. Our activity as well as our skill. Losing to simple clans and being destroyed by the good ones, the result of loosing continually got worse to deal with. With no victories laying in hand and a lack of players and inactivity, only one choice resulted. To leave the clan and force everybody else to move on and remove myself from Quake. I've said it many times before however this time is different. Being banned from many servers for no apparent reason and hated by most of the community, I think it's time for me to call it quits and move out of the arena. The fire inside of me to keep going simply wasn't strong enough and has burnt out. My departure from the arena has come. Bye bye Quake!!! I love you

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